D. Chase Angier – Interdisciplinary Artist, Choreographer, Professor, Curator and Arts Advocate. 

D. Chase Angier is the Artistic Director of Angier Performance Works based in New York State. She lectures, teaches workshops and works internationally as an interdisciplinary artist.  Angier Performance Works are created in collaboration with artists in the visual, scenographic and performing arts and have been exhibited internationally (Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Iceland, France) and nationally in theaters, galleries, and visually inspiring sites. These movement-based performances, often situated in non-theatrical settings, explore questions of interconnectivity creating visually textured and feeling-forward performance works. 

Angier is a Professor of Dance in the School of Art and Design + Performing Arts Division at Alfred University in New York State and has collaboratively developed a dance program based on creative place making, interdisciplinary performance, and composition. Angier is passionate about moving the art field forward and supporting both artists and audiences through her teaching, curation, and advocacy. As the Director for the Marlin Miller Dance Residency Program and a board member of the NY State DanceForce partner of NYSCA, Angier curates/presents artists from around the world to engage with audiences in western NY. She has been a speaker and workshop educator nationally and internationally including several Prague Quadrennials (PQ) since 2011 and World Stage Design.  Angier co-curated the 2019 PQ Formations, and was an International Juror for the PQ 2023 Countries and Regions Exhibitions. She earned her M.F.A in Choreography from The Ohio State University (OSU) and her B.A in Dance from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 

D. Chase Angier CV